California Gun Laws 2024

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California gun laws

Does California Have Strict Gun Laws?

California has some of the most Strict gun laws in the nation. Including ban on so called "assault weapons", and magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds.

How Do I Buy a Gun in California?

Background Checks: All firearms purchasers, including private party transfers, must undergo a background check through a licensed dealer. The dealer must contact the California Department of Justice to conduct the check. There is a mandatory 10-day waiting period for all firearm purchases, including long guns and handguns. This waiting period starts from the date of the purchase or the date the firearm is delivered to the dealer, whichever is later. To purchase a handgun, individuals must obtain a Handgun Safety Certificate (HSC), which involves passing a written test on firearm safety and laws. This requirement does not apply to long guns. The minimum age to purchase firearms in California is generally 18 for long guns and 21 for handguns.

Ar15s and Magazines

California has strict regulations on Ar15s and standard capacity magazines. There is generally a ban on the sale, transfer, and possession of Ar15s and magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds.

*These restrictions are completely subjective and Unconstitutional

Safe Handling

California law mandates that firearms must be stored in a locked container or equipped with a locking device when not in the owner's immediate possession or control. Prohibited Persons: Certain individuals are prohibited from possessing firearms, including convicted felons, individuals with certain restraining orders, those convicted of certain misdemeanors, and individuals with a history of mental illness.

Open Carry

California generally prohibits the open carry of firearms in public places, although there are some exceptions for certain law enforcement personnel and individuals with specific permits.

Is Concealed Carry Allowed in California?

California follows a "may-issue" policy regarding concealed carry permits. Local law enforcement agencies have discretion in issuing permits, and applicants must demonstrate "good cause" for carrying a concealed firearm.


It's important to note that California's firearm laws are complex, tyrannical and subject to interpretation. It is strongly advised to consult official sources or seek legal advice to ensure you have the most up-to-date and accurate information.

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