AR15 Buffer Tube From Aero Precision Review

Project ar15 Sep 09, 2023
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ar15 buffer tube

The buffer Tube is often overlooked when considering reliability.

The buffer tube is a critical part of the ar15 that belongs to the lower receiver. Usually made of aluminum this cylinder shaped part houses the buffer spring and buffer weight. In addition the buffer tube also facilitates the attachment of a buttstock. 

The Ar15 Buffer Tube And it's Roll in Functionality and Reliability

When a cartridge is discharged the bolt carrier group is sent into motion and subsequently enters the hollow of the buffer tube, compressing the buffer spring in the process. This transition causes the carrier to "jump" from the upper to the buffer tube. While this is a normal part of it's mechanical nature, there is some excess friction and colliding of parts that occurs. This redirection of the bolt carrier's path of travel naturally takes some of the energy intended to cycle the firearm. Known as Carrier-Tilt, this CAN contribute to malfunction or a premature wearing of parts. 

Ar15 mil spec buffer tube

That's why we highly recommend an enhanced buffer tube from Aero Precision to mitigate or eliminate these issues and ensure functionality and longevity of your bolt carrier group and buffer tube. 

By adding extensions to the threaded end of the buffer tube that extend into the lower receiver area, the enhanced buffer tube from Aero precision ensures constant contact between the bolt carrier group and the buffer tube. 

Ar15 enhanced buffer tube

Nearly Eliminating carrier tilt and much of the excess friction and mechanical wear associated with it. Thereby increasing the platforms reliability and functionality. Also preserving the inertia of the bolt carrier, helping to strip the next cartridge for chambering.

Installing the Buffer Tube at home

The installation process is simple, but special care is required to prevent injury. The buffer detent pin serves the purpose of stopping the buffer weight from entering the upper receiver, stopping it at the buffer tube/lower receiver threshold. The buffer detent pin is spring loaded and is held in place by the buffer tube. A common mistake when replacing a buffer tube is the removal of the tube without capturing the buffer detent pin. Which WILL go flying if not properly captured. Always wear safety glasses when modifying your firearms. And take note of these spring loaded parts when disassembling your Ar15. Check out our article Gun Safety and Shooter Etiquette ( for more safety tips

To compliment this, we also recommend a flat wire buffer spring.  Made from high quality steel, this inexpensive upgrade will ensure positive return of the Bolt Carrier Group and its subsequent chambering of the next round.

Once installed, you'll have a high efficiency buffer system that will take your Ar15s reliability to the next level.