Windham Weaponry: Historic Quality

Project ar15 Sep 09, 2023
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Ar15 Windham Weaponry Company Overview

Windham Weaponry: An Incredible History of Quality

Windham Weaponry stands as a shining exemplar of American ingenuity, commitment, and resilience in the firearms industry. With a team comprising the finest firearms manufacturers in the U.S.A., many of whom are seasoned veterans from the esteemed Bushmaster Firearms, the company embarks on a journey to deliver the pinnacle of quality in AR type rifles.

Legendary Ar15 Quality Reborn

When the decision to uproot Bushmaster from Maine to New York in 2011 left a void, the original owner Richard Dyke, saw both a challenge and an opening. As fate would have it, the non-compete clause expired just as the move occurred, presenting an opportunity to reignite his passion. Gathering his former employees, who were the heart and soul of Bushmaster, he swiftly garnered support and financing to resurrect what was lost. Thus, Windham Weaponry emerged from the ashes, demonstrating a phoenix-like rebirth.

In a mere three months, Windham Weaponry unveiled its perfected line of rifles, marked by impeccable quality, precise fit, flawless finish, unwavering durability, pinpoint accuracy, and exceptional value. This commitment to excellence mirrors their motto – "The Quality Goes In, Before The Rifle Goes Out" – reflecting their dedication to providing nothing short of remarkable craftsmanship.

The firearms industry and consumers alike extended a warm welcome to this rekindled effort. As old connections were re-established and sales soared, Windham Weaponry's rapid resurgence was undeniable. In under a year and a half, nearly 70 employees were brought back, impressive sales milestones were achieved, and the company swiftly ascended to its rightful place among the nation's premier firearms manufacturers. Consistently offering amazing selections such as their CDI model, Superlight model and "Dissipator" model. 

The firearms world hailed Windham Weaponry as a true embodiment of the American dream, a testament to the founder's visionary spirit. The success story of Windham Weaponry not only captivates hearts but also inspires aspiring entrepreneurs. With a future brimming with strategic growth and innovation, Windham Weaponry's enduring commitment to excellence shines as a beacon of hope in the AR-15 manufacturing landscape.

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