What is The Super Safety? Spicy Legos

Project ar15 Apr 13, 2024
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The Super Safety: A Push Button Safety with Binary Trigger Functionality!

The dynamic world of firearms innovation, where the AR15 platform reigns supreme, the Hoffman Tactical Super Safety has emerged as a groundbreaking addition to the arsenal of enthusiasts and owners alike. The Super Safety is an Active Trigger System. This cutting-edge push button safety offers users a trifecta of functionality: safe, semiautomatic fire, and the game-changing "active reset" mode which essentially allows the gun to fire more rapidly much like a FRT or binary trigger. Let's delve deeper into this exciting product's design, functionality and its implications for the firearms community.

The Super Safety embodies the spirit American freedom and modularity, providing users with a versatile solution that enhances shooting performance. Unlike conventional safeties, which offer limited engagement options, the Super Safety introduces a third position – the "active reset" mode. This mode leverages the movement of the bolt carrier to reset the trigger, enabling rapid follow-up shots with unparalleled ease. The results are...Impressive to say the least. And the implications for potential advancement are thrilling.

One of the key distinctions of the Super Safety lies in its adherence to existing firearms laws, particularly the definition of a machine gun as outlined by the Gun Control Act (GCA). According to the GCA, a machine gun is defined as a firearm capable of firing more than one projectile with a single function of the trigger. The Super Safety's "active reset" functionality operates within the confines of this definition, ensuring compliance while delivering enhanced performance.  Each ingenious product like the Super Safety brings light to the absurdity of firearms legislation like the GCA. Where the claimed danger of these weapons comes not from the rate of fire (which these ingenious products closely mimic) but a function of the trigger.  

Currently available as a 3D print or CNC-only product, the Super Safety has captured the attention of gun enthusiasts and AR15 owners worldwide. Its innovative design and potential to revolutionize shooting dynamics have sparked curiosity and intrigue within the firearms community. However, amidst the excitement, there looms the specter of regulatory scrutiny.

The ATF's history of misinterpreting existing laws and regulations has cast a shadow of uncertainty over the future of products like the Super Safety. Will the ATF seek to impose restrictions or regulations on these innovative parts? This question hangs in the balance, awaiting clarification and resolution.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding regulatory matters, one thing remains clear: the Super Safety represents a leap forward in AR15 modularity. Its introduction underscores the relentless pursuit of innovation within the firearms industry, driving progress and pushing boundaries. And sets the mind ablaze with possibilities the future may hold not only for technological advancement but legal validity as well. 

As enthusiasts and owners eagerly anticipate the future of the Super Safety, the firearms community stands united in its commitment to responsible ownership and resistance to unconstitutional firearms regulation. The journey ahead may be fraught with challenges, but with innovation as our guide, we forge ahead into a future defined by possibility and progress while reaffirming the spirit of innovation within the industry.