What are FRTs and Binary Triggers? Spicy LEGOS

Project ar15 Apr 21, 2024
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AR15 Triggers FRTs Forced Reset Triggers and Binary Triggers

Empowering Firearm Enthusiasts: Forced Reset Triggers and Binary Triggers for AR-15

In the vibrant world of firearm customization, two revolutionary triggers have emerged as champions of innovation: Forced Reset Triggers (FRTs) and Binary Triggers. These triggers stand as beacons of ingenuity, offering firearm enthusiasts unparalleled performance and freedom. Let's start our journey by exploring the intricacies of these triggers and search for the truth surrounding their legal status. 

Forced Reset Triggers (FRTs): Pushing Boundaries of Performance

FRTs represent a quantum leap in trigger technology, transcending conventional mechanisms with their groundbreaking design. By harnessing the reciprocation of the bolt carrier group (BCG), FRTs redefine the very essence of trigger reset. Dispensing with traditional mil-spec trigger disconnector, FRTs utilize the BCG's motion to forcefully reset the trigger upon its return to battery. This revolutionary approach not only simplifies the firing process but also enhances user control and efficiency. With FRTs, shooters can effortlessly achieve rapid cyclic firing rates while maintaining unparalleled precision and accuracy by simply maintaining rearward pressure on the trigger that is being forcefully reset.

Binary Triggers: Empowering Shooters with Versatility

In a testament to innovation, Binary Triggers introduce a dual sear system that unlocks a world of shooting possibilities. By seamlessly toggling between two distinct sears, Binary Triggers empower shooters with unprecedented control over their firing sequence. Pulling the trigger discharges a round, and upon release, another shot is fired—a phenomenon known as the double-tap effect. This groundbreaking functionality caters to a diverse range of shooting styles and preferences, offering shooters the freedom to engage targets with rapid fire or deliver precise, controlled shots with ease.

Upholding Second Amendment Rights: Fighting for Freedom

As responsible gun owners, we cherish our Second Amendment rights and fiercely defend our freedom to own and customize firearms. However, the legal status of FRTs and Binary Triggers has come under intense scrutiny, with government agencies seeking to impose restrictive regulations. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) contends that these triggers transform firearms into "machine guns," subjecting them to stringent regulation under the National Firearms Act (NFA). Such overreach threatens to erode our rights and stifle innovation in the firearm industry.

Defending Freedom: Resisting Unconstitutional Overreach 

Despite the legal challenges, we stand united in our defense of Second Amendment rights and the freedom to responsibly own and customize firearms. The ATF's classification of FRTs and Binary Triggers as machine guns is a gross misinterpretation that must be challenged. These triggers do not meet the criteria outlined in the NFA for classification as machine guns. They are tools of empowerment, not instruments of destruction.

The NFA defines a machine gun as any weapon that can fire more than one shot with a single function of the trigger. Importantly, this definition is not contingent on the rate of fire a weapon is capable of achieving, but rather on its internal mechanism of operation. 

FRTs and Binary Triggers, while enhancing firing capabilities, do not alter the fundamental operation of a firearm's internal mechanism. They do not employ a single function of the trigger to discharge multiple rounds; rather, they modify the timing of firing sequences within the existing framework of the firearm. As such, they fall outside the scope of the NFA's definition of a machine gun.

This distinction is crucial in understanding the legal status of FRTs and Binary Triggers. Despite assertions from regulatory agencies, these triggers do not transform firearms into machine guns under the letter of the law. Any attempt to classify them as such represents a misapplication of existing statutes and undermines the clarity and intent of firearm regulations.

As responsible gun owners, it is imperative that we uphold the integrity of existing laws and demand accurate interpretation and application from regulatory authorities. The legal framework surrounding firearms must be grounded in precise definitions and clear delineations to ensure that rights are protected and freedoms respected. FRTs and Binary Triggers, while innovative, do not alter the fundamental principles of firearm operation outlined in the NFA. As such, they should be afforded the same legal standing as any other firearm accessory, free from undue restriction or overreach.

The advent of Forced Reset Triggers and Binary Triggers represents a triumph of innovation and freedom. As gun owners, we must vehemently oppose any attempts to restrict our rights and stifle technological advancement in the firearm industry. With unwavering resolve, we will continue to champion the rights of firearm enthusiasts and uphold the integrity of the Second Amendment. Together, we stand on the front lines of freedom, defending our right to bear arms and embrace innovation which shine a blinding light on the absurdity of current restrictions on citizens like the NFA and GCA.