Update! 27 States Object to ATF's Proposed Rule on Firearms Sales

Project ar15 Dec 12, 2023
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Defending the Second Amendment: 27 States Unite Against ATF's Proposed Rule Change

In a groundbreaking move, attorneys general from 27 states, alongside the Arizona state legislature, have joined forces to oppose the ATF's latest attempt to redefine the classification of individuals "engaged in the business as a dealer of firearms." This move has sparked a heated debate over constitutional rights and government overreach.

The crux of the issue lies in the ATF's push to subject anyone selling a firearm for profit to criminal penalties, a move deemed clearly unconstitutional by the coalition of states. The proposed rule requires sellers to obtain an FFL license, imposing record-keeping obligations, mandatory background checks for every sale, and allowing the ATF to inspect their inventory at any time. This, the attorneys general argue, infringes upon the Second and Fourth Amendments among others. 

The letter highlights the arbitrary nature of the proposed change, asserting that deeming "selling a firearm for profit" a criminal act is both capricious and unjust. Moreover, the rule extends its reach to individuals merely promoting firearm sales on websites, a move perceived as a blatant violation of the First Amendment.

The coalition stresses that all conduct related to the Second Amendment, including the sale of firearms, is protected by the amendment itself. They argue that the proposed rule not only fails to pass constitutional muster but also goes against the very principles the Second Amendment was crafted to safeguard.

This is a frightening suggestion flying in the face of several constitutional amendments. The Second Amendment was explicitly designed to protect citizens from such infringements. The letter goes on to parallel this unconstitutional measure to the time in 1774 when King George III embargoed all imports of firearms and ammunition into the 13 colonies. Which was interpreted as an attempt to enslave America. As a result the Americans redoubled their efforts to engage in firearm commerce. That is the history of this country and according to the Bruen decision that is the standard by which these proposed rule changes must be interpreted and ultimately judged.  The ATF is now under intense scrutiny as this battle for natural preexisting human rights gains momentum.

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