Unbelievable! California Proposes 28th Amendment!

Project ar15 Sep 09, 2023
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Ar15 firearms news California proposes 28th Amendment

California Goes All Out With 28th Amendment Proposal

California has taken the first steps towards proposing the 28th Amendment. About what you might ask? Gun Control of course; Which in the end is really people control, since guns by themselves can do nothing. Anyways... The proposed amendments, which include universal background checks, an increase in the age limit for all purchases to 21 years, a mandatory waiting period, and an "assault weapons" ban, have ignited a passionate discussion about the Second Amendment's boundaries.

While proponents of the measure argue that these regulations are essential for public safety, critics are quick to point out that the proposed amendments infringe upon the rights recognized in the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. The amendment protects the individual's right to bear arms, and critics rightly argue that the proposed changes overstep this constitutional guarantee.

The California senator (Gavin Newsom) behind the proposal faces scrutiny for introducing measures that some view as irresponsible and unconstitutional. Critics highlight the fact that these regulations could unfairly burden law-abiding citizens and infringe upon their ability to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

The proposed 28th Amendment will require substantial support to become a reality. A two-thirds majority, or 34 states, is necessary for the proposed amendment to be considered, and an even more significant majority of three-quarters, or 38 states, is required for ratification. This stringent requirement reflects the importance of safeguarding the Constitution's integrity and the need for broad consensus on any proposed changes. In Addition, there are now 27 states with constitutional carry laws in place. Making even the 34 state requirement a statistical impossibility...For now.

Gun rights advocates across the nation are voicing their concerns about the potential ramifications of the Californian proposal. As the debate rages on, one thing is certain: the proposed 28th Amendment has ignited a passionate conversation about the balance between personal freedom and public safety. Whether this measure will gain enough support to challenge the sanctity of the Second Amendment remains to be seen, but its introduction has undoubtedly opened a new chapter in the ongoing national dialogue about gun rights and regulations. And shown a continued disregard for our fundamental human rights by the State of California.

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