Unbelievable! New Mexico Governor Wants More 2A Infringement!

Project ar15 Dec 15, 2023
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New Mexico Governor Grisham Sparks Controversy with Unprecedented Second Amendment Attack

In a stunning turn of events, New Mexico Governor Michelle Grisham has once again set the stage for a constitutional showdown by proposing a bill that seeks to regulate the sale, possession, and manufacture of gas-operated semi-automatic weapons. This sweeping proposal, including a ban on modifications, private gunsmithing, and self-assembly, has sent shockwaves through the state and ignited fervent opposition from gun owners and Second Amendment advocates.

If you recall Grisham's move comes even after attempting to ban the carry of firearms in certain areas in the aftermath of a tragic shooting. where she hastily signed an executive order to take drastic measures. This However, was ultimately struck down in the courts. Critics argue that her proposed regulations infringe upon fundamental rights protected by the Second Amendment, both legally and morally.

The heart of the matter lies in the constitutional challenge these suggestions pose. Gun owners and Second Amendment advocates firmly assert that Grisham's proposal oversteps legal boundaries, violating the Supreme Court's Bruen decision. This landmark ruling affirmed the individual's right to keep and bear arms, and any attempt to restrict gunsmithing, assembly, modification, or manufacture is seen as a direct affront to this precedent. As laws are to be directly held to the standard of "text, history and tradition" which is CLEARLY in favor of gun owners and the Second Amendment.

At the time of the Second Amendment's ratification, gunsmithing and the private manufacture of firearms were not only common but integral to the fabric of American society. This historical context is a linchpin in the argument against Grisham's proposed restrictions. Advocates contend that any attempt to stifle these practices infringes on the very essence of the Second Amendment, as the Founding Fathers intended citizens to be able to maintain and modify their firearms freely.

The proposed restrictions also raise serious practical concerns. With a ban on modifications and private gunsmithing, enthusiasts fear that the vibrant culture of responsible firearm customization will be stifled. Additionally, the prohibition of self-assembly and manufacturing could limit the ability of law-abiding citizens to exercise their right to bear arms without relying on commercial sources.

Undoubtedly, Grisham's proposal will face its fiercest scrutiny in the courtroom. Legal experts predict a robust challenge, arguing that any attempt to curtail the rights enshrined in the Second Amendment should be met with skepticism and thorough examination. The historical documentation of widespread gunsmithing and private firearm manufacture during the era of the Second Amendment's drafting provides a compelling foundation for those contesting the proposed restrictions. Additionally, the term Semi-automatic is also defined in other current (though unconstitutional itself) "law" in the NFA and GCA. Meaning that any subset of laws would likely have to follow suite. However as we've seen in California, New York and now New Mexico that has not stopped these Governors from signing unconstitutional "laws" that violate the very constitution they've sworn to uphold and defend. 

New Mexico finds itself at the epicenter of a constitutional debate that transcends state borders. The clash between public safety concerns and individual liberties is a perennial challenge in the United States, and Governor Grisham's bold proposal has reignited this age-old struggle. Only time will tell whether the courts will uphold the sanctity of the Second Amendment or allow unprecedented restrictions to redefine the boundaries of constitutional rights.

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