Top 3 AR15 Attachments

Project ar15 Sep 09, 2023
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Ar15 possible modifications attachments

Disclosure: Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, which can provide compensation to me at no cost to you if you decide to purchase. This site is not intended to provide financial advice and is for entertainment only. 

Ar15's...Spicy Lego's for Adults.

Attachments, accessories and modifications.  Probably the most iconic attribute of the AR15 is it's ability to add or change any part to suit the specific needs or desires of the user. Everything from practical to the absurd is available. Some feel the need to add as many attachments as possible, creating a unrecognizable abomination of a machine. Others are pure minimalists. Resisting with every fiber of their being, to add another ounce of weight to their AR15.
With what seems like and endless array of attachments available, there are some Ar15 upgrades that objectively have a higher priority than others. Most people are on a budget and have probably already spent a good chunk of that budget on the firearm itself. So for the sake of cost effectiveness We'll give you our top 3 recommendations for your Ar15 upgrades/attachments.

1. Ar15 sights/Optic

Yes, the ability to consistently put your shots on target is critical. And while iron sights seem like a standard piece of equipment. A lot of modern sporting rifles today forgo the inclusion of iron sights (obviously to save themselves money) and try to wow you with a term like "optics ready" in other words "get ready to pay more if you want to aim". While this notion is hilarious, it is a notable issue that must be addressed.  We feel iron sights are a MUST for 90% of ar15s. Somthing that does not require a battery or electronics to work. Most ar15 owners in the past relied on iron sights almost exclusively. But with the proliferation of the red dot sight we now have users that have never learned to use iron sights. And while we do encourage you to get a red dot sight. Dead batteries, broken glass or damaged housing on a red dot sight can severely diminish or even eliminate your ability to aim. Which is why we suggest a set of flip up or fixed iron sights as a back up, if you do chose to run an optic of some kind.
Some more common types are:
The magpul MBUS flip up sights. A polymer sight set that are spring loaded and flip up with the press of a button. Inexpensive and fast deployment make them a popular choice. 
The Diamondhead flip up sights. These aluminum sights also flip up, though manually. They do lock into their upright positions. This prevents unintentionally pushing the sight back down before desired. The diamond shaped aperture helps aid in precision targeting.
The UTG fixed iron sights. Made of billed aluminum.  These sights are ridged and tough. No need to flip up as they are a fixed sight. What about your red dot though? Worry not. Running a red dot and fixed iron sights at the same time is a common set up called "co-witnessing". Looking through both the iron sights and red dot at the same time while acquiring a target. This may require a specific riser mount for your optic the get them lined up. But once set up correctly, it can provide an enjoyable targeting experience.

2. Weapon light 

  With the nature of firearms being that of self defense, we must consider our ability to positively identify our targets a paramount factor. Most bad people try to do bad things at NIGHT. The number of Burglaries, assaults, kidnappings and home invasions that occur during night time hours is well above their daytime counterparts. This means that if you ever need to use your firearm, chances are it will be during a time with unfavorable lighting conditions.  You need a powerful white light on your ar15 to positively identify threats and remain aware of your surroundings in low light situations. Also bright lights can have a disorienting effect on those subjected to it. Especially with the use of the strobe effect (rapid flashing). Giving you an advantage in a potentially life threatening situation.
There are options on top of options for weapon lights. When purchasing, make sure they are designed to withstand recoil. And have a decent lumen output.
Some of the all time favorite models are
*Stream light

3. Ar15 Sling

Keeping what's yours is important to say the least. A good sling is a vital accessory to keep your AR15 on your person and ever ready. And make carrying your ar15 more comfortable. The last thing you need is to drop your rifle. And given the ever changing dynamics of reality, sometimes you need your hands for things besides weapon manipulation. That's why having a sling is so important. Generally there are 3 types. Single point, 2-point and single/double. (Though there are other types) Many slings are available. Notable mentions are.
*The Magpul MS series.
*Vickers Blue Force gear.
*The STI rifle sling.
*The S2 Delta sling.

Whatever you envision you ar15 build to be. These 3 attachments will surly improve you ar15 experience. And the overall functionality and efficiency of your rifle. 

Disclosure:  Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, which can provide compensation to me at no cost to you if you decide to purchase. This site is not intended to provide financial advice and is for entertainment only.