Springfield Armory: The Quintessential Firearms Company

Project ar15 Jan 27, 2024
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AR15 Springfield Armory Company Review

Springfield Armory: A Legacy of Excellence in Firearms Innovation

In the annals of American history, Springfield Armory stands as a testament to resilience and innovation. Established in 1777 by George Washington during the Revolutionary War, the Armory began as a crucial hub for ammunition and gun carriage production. Over the next 150 years, it evolved into a powerhouse, supplying arms for every major American conflict and serving as a think tank for groundbreaking firearm concepts.

However, in 1968, facing budget constraints, the U.S. Government closed Springfield Armory, relegating it to a repository of history. It seemed the Armory's future had been eclipsed by its past. Yet, in 1974, the Reese family breathed new life into this legacy. They not only rescued the name "Springfield Armory" but also embraced the philosophy that had driven it for centuries.

With a deep respect for the Armory's heritage, the Reese family resurrected iconic designs like the M1 Garand, 1911-A1, and M14. Their passion for enhanced manufacturing and cutting-edge design mirrored the innovative spirit of legendary figures like John C. Garand and John Browning.

As the new millennium dawned, Springfield Armory redefined the landscape with the introduction of the XD® pistol, revolutionizing handguns. Following the footsteps of its illustrious predecessors, the XD earned a reputation for quality and reliability. In 2007, the XD-M® series elevated expectations for polymer pistols, setting a new standard.

A milestone for Springfield Armory, the SAINT™ AR-15 emerged as a premium rifle, laden with features that set a new benchmark for the industry. This platform, born from a desire to provide standard upgrades even in entry-level models, showcased the company's commitment to excellence. The SAINT AR-15 line expanded to include the SAINT Edge and the SAINT Pistol, with the Edge standing out for its billet receiver and premier components: reputable furniture, flat-faced nickel-boron trigger and hammer and  BFD's (Blast Forwarding Device) rivaling custom builds at a more accessible cost.

Constantly innovating, Springfield Armory has consistently delivered remarkable firearms, including their renowned AR-15 rifles. Undoubtedly, they have earned their place as one of the industry's top players, seamlessly blending a rich legacy with a commitment to cutting-edge technology.