Pistol Brace Rule STRUCK DOWN!

Project ar15 Nov 10, 2023
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AR15 News Gun Law Pistol Brace Rule Struck Down

Second Amendment Triumph! Pistol Brace Rule Stayed in Britto v ATF Case!

In a historic victory for Second Amendment advocates, the recent Britto v ATF case out of the Northern District Court of Texas has made waves by completely vacating the controversial Pistol Brace Rule. This ruling has shaken the foundations of the National Firearms Act's definition of Short Barrel Rifles.

Judge Kacsmaryk's decisive ruling, citing the ATF's previous open letters confirming that attaching a brace to a pistol does not transmute it into a Short Barrel Rifle (SBR), echoed a sentiment held by numerous gun owners and enthusiasts across the nation. The judge emphasized that the plaintiffs displayed a strong likelihood of prevailing on their merits, a groundbreaking win for the Second Amendment rights.

This pivotal decision draws strength from recent legal milestones like the Bruen decision, offering guidance and precedence on the matter. Furthermore, the court referenced the Mock v Garland case, which exemplified the invalidity of the rule as it did not logically align with the proposed rule by the ATF, branding it unlawful.

This latest verdict, adding to the collection of rulings challenging the ATF's regulations, has caused Judge Kacsmaryk to issue a comprehensive stay on the rule, labeling it as entirely unlawful. It's yet another affirmation of the ATFs unconstitutional encroachment on the rights of gun owners. And the solidity of the grounds on which they are being challenged. 

The recent Britto v ATF case's ruling serves as a seismic shift in the enforcement landscape, leaving the ATF without any substantive grounds to maintain or enforce the controversial Pistol Brace Rule on a nationwide scale. This groundbreaking decision, resonating far beyond the courtroom, has effectively stripped the ATF of a legal foundation to regulate or penalize individuals for using pistol braces as an illegal means of redesigning firearms into Short Barrel Rifles (SBRs).

The ruling's profound impact lies in its broader implications. With the court's explicit declaration that attaching a brace to a pistol does not amount to redesigning it into an SBR, the ATF now lacks a legitimate legal basis to prosecute or impose restrictions based on this previously contested regulation. This absence of legal grounds renders the ATF unable to enforce the rule, granting gun owners across the country the freedom to use pistol braces without the looming threat of punitive actions or legal repercussions.

This development is an unforgettable moment in firearms history and in the ongoing battle to safeguard Second Amendment rights, effectively stalling a regulatory move that was widely considered as encroaching upon the rights of gun owners. The ruling's impact creates a precedent that upholds the rights of firearm enthusiasts and asserts the boundaries within which regulatory agencies can operate, ensuring that interpretations and applications of firearm laws align with constitutional protections. The newfound inability of the ATF to enforce the rule nationwide is a triumph for individual liberties and a critical safeguard against potential overreach in firearm regulation.

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