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Project ar15 Sep 15, 2023
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Federal Judge Blocks New Mexico Governor's Overreach

On September 13, 2023, a federal judge stepped in to safeguard the fundamental rights of New Mexicans, upholding the principles enshrined in the Second Amendment. Governor Grisham's recent attempt to restrict the carrying of firearms, both openly and concealed, in Albuquerque under the guise of a public health emergency faced an immediate and resounding challenge, reinforcing the notion that our rights are not "fair weather" privileges. Even the states attorneys General has come out and said they will not legally defend the Governers order. Going on to say that rebranding "gun violence" as a public health emergency is not a justification for prohibition on the 2nd amendment.  

The public health emergency invoked by Governor Grisham was sparked by a tragic incident involving errant gunfire that tragically struck two innocent children. While the hearts of all New Mexicans go out to the victims and their families, it is essential to recognize that reacting to such isolated events with sweeping restrictions on constitutional rights is not the way to address these concerns effectively.

The Second Amendment, a cornerstone of American liberty, was never intended to be a malleable right, subject to the whims of a single state official. It is a right that is both natural and preexisting, predating the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the very government that seeks to curtail it. Our Founding Fathers understood that the right to bear arms was fundamental to the preservation of a free society, and it remains so to this day.

The decision by the federal judge to grant an emergency restraining order against Governor Grisham's overreach is a testament to the strength of our constitutional principles. It reaffirms that our rights are not subject to arbitrary infringement by any government body, regardless of the pretext used. The Second Amendment stands as a bulwark against such encroachments, reminding us that the right to self-defense and the defense of our loved ones is sacrosanct.

It is vital to recognize that the Second Amendment is not a luxury to be enjoyed only during times of peace and tranquility. Instead, it is precisely during times of crisis and uncertainty that this right becomes most critical. In the face of emergencies, be they public health crises or other unforeseen events, individuals must retain the means to protect themselves and their families. The framers of our Constitution understood that freedom is not truly secure if it can be stripped away at the discretion of any single government official.

The federal judge's decision to block Governor Grisham's public health order restricting firearm carrying is a victory for the Second Amendment and individual liberties. It sends a clear message that our rights are not negotiable, and they cannot be casually set aside, even in times of crisis. The Second Amendment remains a steadfast guardian of our freedom, ensuring that we can always exercise our right to self-defense, as intended by our nation's founders.

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