Muzzle Devices

Project ar15 Sep 09, 2023
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Ar15 muzzle devices flash hider

The muzzle device you choose for your Ar15 matters.

Pull the trigger and BOOM! The flash, the concussion and the recoil.

The last thing to affect the bullet trajectory is the muzzle device.  A muzzle device is a general term used to describe the attachment at the front end of the barrel. There are 3 main types.

Flash hiders

Muzzle brakes


Flash hiders are the most common. These attachments serve to reduce the muzzle flash produced when a shot is fired. This helps reduce the effects of the blast and flash on the shooter. In addition flash hiders also have the practical battlefield purpose of lowering your flash signature to potential hostile targets. Thereby making it more difficult to determine the location the shot originated from. 

The most common is the Birdcage type flash hider. Though as you know by now, it is but one of a plethora.

 Ar15 A2 birdcage flash hider

Hit the Brakes on Recoil

Muzzle brakes are similar in appearance to flash hiders. Though their purpose is different. The shape and design of a muzzle brake is designed to redirect the gasses escaping the barrel primarily for the purpose or reducing muzzle rise. However there is also a slight reduction in recoil as well. Allowing shooters the ability to better stay on target. These are popular on higher caliber Ar15s because of the increased recoil the larger calibers produce. These muzzle brakes can have a positive impact on the shooters experience while firing as well as the usability of the firearm itself. 

A15 muzzle brake device

The Sound and Price of Silence

Suppressors/silencers are sound and flash reducing devices. By creating a space for escaping gasses to expand through a baffle system, suppressors effectively reduce the decibels or sound produced from firing the weapon. Suppressors also virtually eliminate muzzle flash. These attributes together with the weight/mass increase to the weapon, will also carry the effect of reduced recoil as well. Further increasing the weapons controllability. 

However, unlike flash hiders and muzzle brakes, suppressors are ATF regulated. These require special paperwork, a waiting period and a tax stamp. In addition the are also subject to limited conduct by the owner. You can't loan a suppressor to anyone not on your Trust (a legal document). You may not sell your suppressor, and you cannot cross state lines while in possession of your suppressor unless granted prior permission. And they're much more expensive in general than the first two devices mentioned. 

Ar15 suppressor

What is a BFD?


A 4th player in the world of muzzle devices has recently surfaced in popularity. The Blast Forwarding Device or BFD. As the usage of Ar15s with shorter barrels has become more popular, noted effects of these barrels are increased muzzle blast, concussion, sound and heat to the user. Decreasing usability. Therefore, BFDs seek to redirect these extra forces forward rather than outward (left and right) . The results are pretty impressive and many Ar15s with shorter barrels are coming with these devices already attached.

 Ar15 blast forwarding device

Every Ar15 needs a muzzle device. Depending on your firearm, it's caliber and intended use (and your preferences of course) there is a great option out there for you guaranteed.