MAWL-C1+ The Ultimate Night Vision Accessory

Project ar15 Dec 03, 2023
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AR15 Accessory MAWL-C1+ Night Vision

MAWL-C1+ Revolutionizing Night Vision Precision with Cutting-Edge Technology

In the realm of night vision accessories, the Modular Advanced Weapon Laser MAWL®-C1+ stands unrivaled as the pinnacle of innovation and precision. As the world's first commercially available NIR and visible green laser aiming device utilizing Class 1+™ technology, the MAWL®-C1+ redefines industry standards with its exceptional features.

At a mere 0.37" above the rail, the MAWL-C1+ boasts unparalleled ergonomics, seamlessly integrating with common weapon lights and micro BUIS. Its ambidextrous design allows for effortless adaptation to left-handed use, requiring nothing more than a simple swap of the endcap and head.

One of the standout features is the significantly enhanced infrared illumination output power, surpassing all FDA Class 3R or Class 1 lasers on the commercial market. This results in a remarkable improvement in illumination range, beam pattern, and quality at all distances, setting it apart from other laser devices available.

AR15 MAWL night vision accessory

The reduction in divergences across all MAWL settings further emphasizes its commitment to providing greater clarity and illumination over longer ranges. This design minimizes potential distractions caused by illuminating closer objects, ensuring the shooter's focus remains on the target.

The intuitive operation of the MAWL®-C1+ is evident in its button layout. (A) buttons cater to longer ranges with tighter divergences, while (B) buttons are tailored for shorter ranges with wider divergences. This user-friendly approach simplifies complex multi-position switches, offering immediate access to Close Range, Mid Range, and Long Range settings.

The "Ride the Slide" feature allows users to double-click for constant-on mode, swiftly adjusting between multiple ranges with any given divergence pattern. This versatility proves invaluable in dynamic scenarios, such as navigating structures or quickly adapting to exterior urban environments.

The addition of the "Triple Click" capability expands the MAWL®-C1+'s versatility with two extra modes of operation, bringing the total to eight settings. This feature empowers end-users with a multitude of options based on the environment and application.

The high-power "Triple-Click" capability in Long-Range mode introduces a new level of control, activating/deactivating alternate divergence and power output settings. This ensures that Close, Mid, and Long Range settings cater to both modern and legacy night vision tube sensitivities.

The "Triple-Click High Power Pointer/Illuminator" option delivers superior visibility at longer ranges, making it ideal for target holdover reference points and overcoming photonic barriers. On the other hand, the "Triple-Click High Power Pointer Only" setting provides a Commander's Pointer for precise target marking in ground-to-ground or air-to-ground integration.

The MAWL-C1+ sets an unprecedented standard in night vision accessories. Its technological advancements, user-friendly design, and expanded capabilities make it an indispensable tool for professionals seeking the utmost precision in low-light environments. As the night vision landscape evolves, the MAWL-C1+ stands at the forefront, an unrivaled beacon of innovation.