Glock AR15: The GR-115F

Project ar15 Oct 08, 2023
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Glock Ar15

Glock's Bold Entry into the World of Ar15 Rifles

Glock, a name synonymous with reliability and innovation in the world of firearms, has made headlines with its groundbreaking foray into the rifle market. Known primarily for its iconic polymer-framed handguns that have earned the trust of law enforcement and military units worldwide, Glock has embarked on a new chapter in its storied history with the GR-115F, an AR-15 design stamped with the Glock seal of quality.

The revelation of Glock's rifle ambitions came to light through the keen eyes of British YouTuber Sean Odinson, and further confirmation was found on a German website specializing in special operations news. The firearm community buzzed with speculation, as Glock had previously filed a patent for a carbine-type rifle, but the GR-115F represented something entirely different.

This new rifle earned its stripes during British military testing, where it was pitted against offerings from esteemed rifle manufacturers like Knights Armament and Lewis Machine and Tool. The big question on everyone's mind: Why is Glock, renowned for its handguns, venturing into the world of rifles?

The answer is clear: Glock is chasing opportunities and contracts in pursuit of, well, money. The British military, which already relies on Glock's handguns, tapped the firearm giant to produce a rifle. The logistical advantage of sourcing rifles and handguns from the same manufacturer cannot be understated. For the British military, equipping elite units, notably the new Ranger regiment, with AR-type rifles is a strategic move. The SA-80 family of rifles has been plagued with issues, making the AR-15 a much more appealing choice. Plus, the global prevalence of AR-type rifles in special operations units aligns with the British desire for a common platform.

Absent a working prototype, we can't delve into the rifle's internal workings just yet. However, the GR-115F's exterior boasts a modern AR-rifle design. Fully ambidextrous controls, an M-LOK handguard, Magpul stock and grip, and a short, potentially 10.3 to 12.5-inch barrel, give the GR-115F an ergonomic and cutting-edge look. With a suppressor and LPVO (Low Power Variable Optic) mounted, as well as an Aimpoint Acro red-dot sight, this rifle exudes readiness for special operations missions.

The GR-115F stands as a prime contender for a coveted British military contract, but it's important to note that it is not available for purchase by the general public at this time. However, history has shown us that firearms, whether adopted by the military or not, have a tendency to find their way into civilian hands eventually.

In the dynamic world of firearms, developments like Glock's entry into the rifle market are closely monitored. The possibility of the GR-115F becoming a widely available civilian firearm, as well as its potential adoption by special operations units worldwide, is a thrilling prospect that promises to shape the future of the firearms industry. As we've seen in the past, arms that fail to secure military adoption often find new life in civilian markets, and even those inducted into service often become available to the public. Glock's GR-115F is a rifle to watch, as it adds a new dimension to the legacy of this iconic firearm manufacturer and the world of AR15s.