Double Barrel Ar15! Impractical Fun!

Project ar15 Nov 04, 2023
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Double Barrel AR15

The Double Barrel AR-15: Embracing the Impractical for Legendary Fun

In the world of firearms, there's an eternal love for innovation, pushing boundaries, and sometimes creating what can only be described as a monstrosity. The Double Barrel AR-15 is a prime example—a creation that stands as a testament to the love for the platform while venturing into the realm of impracticality.

Imagine a firearm, an Ar15 that utilizes not one but two bolt carrier groups, two trigger systems, and two magazine wells, all coupled with the obvious feature of two barrels. Introducing the Gilboa Snake Double Barrel Ar15! This amalgamation results in a weapon capable of independent operation on each side, offering the allure of twice the firepower. However, this comes at a cost—nearly double the weight almost at 11 pounds (unloaded), making it unwieldy. And firing both sides at once, doubles the recoil. A center/split sighting system means ultra-accurate shots are not a priority for this Ar15. Both sides however are charged with a single charging handle, streamlining the loading process. And a full length picatinny on top and bottom of the handguard facilitates the attachment of optics, accessories and foregrips. The cost is another downside: With an MSRP of $2,399 it's definitely not in everyone's budget.

Double Barrel Ar15 Gilboa Snake 

While its impractical nature is apparent, the Double Barrel AR-15 does offer some unique advantages aside from the obvious double firepower. The ability to continue firing even if one side experiences a malfunction stands out as a crucial benefit. This feature can potentially allow a shooter to maintain operation while troubleshooting, a silver lining in an otherwise impractical design.

Double Barrel AR15 Gilboa Snake

However, despite its quirks and limited advantages, this unique rifle remains an embodiment of legendary fun. The sheer novelty of its design and the thrill of wielding such a distinctive firearm have earned it a place among gun enthusiasts. 

The Double Barrel AR-15 might not find a practical role in mainstream use, but its existence speaks to the spirit of innovation and the constant pursuit of pushing the boundaries in the firearm world. It stands as a testament to the passion and creativity within the community, showcasing that sometimes, the quest for fun and uniqueness trumps pure practicality.