CMMG RESOLUTE Mk4: Closer to Perfection

Project ar15 Feb 18, 2024
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AR15 CMMG Resolute Mk4

Unrivaled: The CMMG RESOLUTE Mk4 AR15. 

When it comes to the quintessential AR15 experience, the CMMG RESOLUTE Mk4 emerges as the epitome of excellence. A name synonymous with precision, power, and unparalleled performance, the RESOLUTE Mk4 in 5.56x45mm caliber stands tall as a beacon of reliability and versatility in the realm of firearms.

The Caliber? 5.56x45mm. An Unmatched and Unrivaled Legacy

Chambered in the revered 5.56x45mm caliber, the RESOLUTE Mk4 pays homage to its legacy as a cornerstone of military arsenals, hunters' favorites, and the go-to choice for recreational marksmen worldwide. With its counterpart, the .223 Rem, it forms a formidable duo that has stood the test of time, proving its mettle in every scenario imaginable.

The CMMG RESOLUTE Mk4 Is A Timeless Classic, Reinvented.

Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a novice embarking on your firearm journey, the RESOLUTE Mk4 beckons as an essential addition to any collection. Built upon the esteemed Mk4 platform, it seamlessly integrates with a vast array of AR15 accessories, ensuring that each shooter can tailor their rifle to their unique preferences and style.

A Carbine Length Gas System Ensures Functionality and Reliability. 

In a world where versatility is key, the RESOLUTE line of carbine length rifles reigns supreme. When full-sized rifles feel cumbersome and pistols/SBRs fall short on long-range precision, the RESOLUTE Mk4 emerges as the undisputed champion. Equipped with the innovative EML™ 15 handguard, featuring strategically placed M-LOK® attachment slots, it balances form and function with finesse, offering a platform for mounting essential accessories without unnecessary bulk.

ZEROED: Setting the Standard for Excellence

Delving deeper into the RESOLUTE Mk4 experience unveils the meticulous craftsmanship behind every component. Enter the realm of ZEROED parts and accessories, meticulously engineered and proudly made in the USA. From the crisp responsiveness of the ZEROED Drop-In Trigger to the ergonomic perfection of the ZEROED Pistol Grip, each element reflects a commitment to quality that transcends expectations. With a comprehensive suite of ZEROED components, including ambidextrous controls and an array of ergonomic enhancements, the RESOLUTE Mk4 sets a new standard for excellence in the AR15 arena.

Lifetime Quality Guarantee: CMMG's Promise to You

At CMMG, satisfaction is not just a goal; it's a guarantee. With their Lifetime Quality Guarantee backing every product, you can embark on your shooting journey with confidence, knowing that your RESOLUTE Mk4 is built to withstand the rigors of time and use. They stand behind their craftsmanship, ensuring that each rifle delivers on its promise of uncompromising performance and durability.

The CMMG RESOLUTE Mk4 AR15 transcends mere firearms; it embodies a legacy of excellence, precision, and reliability. From its iconic caliber to its unparalleled customization options and unwavering commitment to quality, the RESOLUTE Mk4 stands as a testament to the timeless allure of the AR15 platform. With a RESOLUTE Mk4 in hand, you're not just wielding a rifle; you're wielding a legacy.