Breaking News! Hawaii Suspends Second Amendment

Project ar15 Dec 28, 2023
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Hawaii's Second Amendment Nightmare: Firearms Rights Under Siege!

In a shocking turn of events, the citizens of Hawaii find themselves facing a blatant violation of their Second Amendment rights as the Honolulu Police Department grinds the processing of firearms permit and concealed carry applications to a halt. The Hawaii Firearms Coalition has sounded the alarm, revealing that Police Chief Logan's refusal to verify or certify instructors has paralyzed the system, leaving law-abiding citizens stranded without recourse.

As of December 18th, 2023, all applications submitted require verification from certified instructors, a crucial step now hindered by Chief Logan's failure to act. The root cause? A new law mandating that all instructors must be verified by the county police department—a requirement that seems to have devolved into a tool for trampling on constitutional rights.

Shockingly, Chief Logan had ample time—over five months—to establish a process to avoid this very situation. Instead, citizens now face the prospect of enduring months more of bureaucratic inefficiency before the issue is resolved. This stands as an egregious infringement on the Second Amendment, with individuals effectively barred from exercising their right to firearms possession.

Critics argue that the law should be suspended until a functional system is in place to facilitate the seamless exercise of the Second Amendment. "Shall Not Be Infringed" echoes loud and clear, yet the authorities seem to have turned a deaf ear to this fundamental constitutional right.

The situation is so dire that legal action appears imminent. Many citizens, rightly aggrieved, are considering legal recourse against the counties for denying them the right to bear arms. The question of the "Bruen standard" adds another layer of complexity. Did carry permits exist in 1776 or at the ratification of the Second Amendment? The answer is a resounding no. The Supreme Court's Bruen decision mandates that firearm regulations must align with the nation's historical text and tradition, favoring gun owners in this instance.

As the legal battles loom on the horizon, the citizens of Hawaii find themselves caught in the crossfire of a constitutional crisis. The right to bear arms, a cornerstone of American freedom, is under siege in the Pacific state. The Hawaii Firearms Coalition and like-minded advocates are left wondering how a situation that could have been averted through proper planning has now spiraled into a constitutional quagmire.

In the face of this blatant disregard for fundamental rights, the citizens of Hawaii stand united, ready to defend their Second Amendment with every legal means at their disposal. The fight for the right to bear arms is far from over, and as the legal drama unfolds, the eyes of the nation turn toward Hawaii, where a battle for constitutional liberties is being waged in the Pacific breeze.