AR15 Stock Upgrades For Better Control

Project ar15 Nov 03, 2023
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Ar15 Stock Upgrades

Upgrade Your AR15 Stock: Elevating Ergonomics, Comfort, and Control

The AR15 platform's adaptability hinges on its components, and one often-overlooked yet impactful element is the stock. Upgrading this critical part can drastically improve the shooting experience, emphasizing ergonomics, comfort, and control. The choice of a stock should align with the rifle's intended use, whether for close-quarters combat or precision long-distance shooting.

Compact AR15 Stocks for Dynamic Movement

In scenarios requiring swift movements like close-quarters combat, a more compact stock becomes pivotal. Stocks like the Magpul MOE Carbine Stock and the Mission First Battlelink Minimalist Stock cater to these needs. Their lightweight design, enhanced cheek weld, and streamlined profiles facilitate quicker handling without snagging or bulk, ensuring faster presentation even when wearing body armor.

AR15 Stocks for Stabilized Precision for Long-Distance Shooting

Precision shooting stocks for the AR15 platform often incorporate an adjustable cheek weld to aid in steady, consistent and proper alignment between the eye and scope.  These stocks tend to be heavier due to the extra componentry, but the worth the weight for long distance shooting where stability is crucial.

Three Stocks to Improve the Ergonomics of Your Ar15

When it comes to optimizing your AR15's performance, the choice of stock plays a pivotal role. Let's delve deeper into three top-notch stocks, each catering to distinct shooting scenarios and preferences:

1. Magpul MOE Carbine Stock

The Magpul MOE Carbine Stock, designed for swift and light action, integrates a streamlined A-frame profile, minimizing the risk of snagging and accidental release. The Mil-Spec model is equipped with a 0.30" rubber butt-pad, ensuring a secure shoulder purchase even in demanding situations such as when wearing body armor or modular gear. Its design not only prioritizes ease of use but also enhances shooter comfort and control during rapid engagements.

2. Mission First Battlelink Minimalist Stock

In the pursuit of a minimalist yet adaptable design, the Mission First Battlelink Stock takes the lead. Weighing under 6 ounces, this stock offers a balance of functionality and lightweight construction. Its key features include an angled non-slip rubberized buttpad, multiple sling slots with single-point mounting for ambidextrous shooters, and a quick detach sling mounting point. This stock stands out with its emphasis on adaptability, ensuring swift and comfortable presentations in various shooting scenarios.

3. B5 Systems Bravo Stock

The B5 Systems Bravo Stock emerges as a harmonious blend of comfort, control, and durability. Building on the success of the B5 Systems Enhanced SOPMOD, the Bravo Stock integrates sought-after features such as an ergonomic cheek weld, an anti-rotation quick disconnect sling mount, and a no-slip cushioned buttpad. While maintaining the SOPMOD cheek weld, the Bravo Stock opts for a slimmer profile, ensuring quick and consistent placement against the shooter's shoulder and cheek. Made of MIL-SPEC materials and finishes, this stock strikes a balance between strength and reduced weight, offering a reliable shooting experience.

AR15 Stock Upgrades Can Have Big Impacts

The choice of stock should align with the rifle's intended use, and these three stocks excel in addressing specific shooting needs. Whether it's the Magpul MOE for its light and fast action, the Mission First Battlelink for its adaptability, or the B5 Systems Bravo for its balanced features, each stock caters to different shooting scenarios, elevating the user experience significantly.

Investing in a high-quality stock can remarkably enhance the shooter's comfort, control, and overall performance, making it an impactful yet often underestimated upgrade for any AR15 enthusiast.