AR15 Creation and History

Project ar15 Apr 14, 2024
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Ar15 M16A1 history

The Ar15's origin and history is one of noteworthy attention.

The AR15 is a modern Marvel of firearms engineering originally designed by Eugene Stoner to be a lightweight replacement for the M14. It was eventually adopted into military service in the midst of the Vietnam war in 1964 as the M16A1. Chambered in .556x45 NATO (as opposed to the .308 caliber of the M14) and with the use of lightweight composite materials for the stock, grip and hand guard.  The AR15 was immediately a battlefield revolution. Though it was far from without problems. Due to the harsh conditions of the environment in Vietnam and war in general; jamming became a notable issue for the AR15. Primarily due to magazine construction and sub-optimal ammunition. This however was all but resolved with the implementation of anti-tilt followers in the magazine. This improvement saw the young AR15 through the end of the conflict. Being an acclaimed success and with ammunition quality and technology advancement snuffing out any doubts of its reliability, notoriety of the AR15 grew to worldwide proportions.  Catching the attention of other militaries throughout the world seeking to implement the AR15 As well. Throughout its military service The AR15 has evolved starting as the aforementioned M16A1 it eventually grew to the M16A2 variant, capable of 3 round burst fire. Then evolving again into the M4 carbine, a shorter variation of the M16A2. 

Ar15 M4 carbine

Making its way into the modern era...

The AR15 became known as a lightweight, highly customizable, accurate and utterly reliable firearm. To such an extent, it gave way to the greatest utopia of parts availability ever seen in firearm's history. With the ability to interchange nearly any part, caliber or attachment The AR15 became a favorite rifle of nearly every firearms enthusiast in the world. And became known affectionately to many of us as the "Legos for adults". Paying a homage to the nearly infinite customization the platform is capable of. 

 Tactical Ar15 modern attachments

The AR15 platform is a household name across the United States and the world today. With some people going even as far as creating entire religions based on the AR15 platform. The influence of the AR15 on the world of firearms can never be denied or understated. It is undoubtedly the king of the world of small arms.